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Defining Moments Life Coaching specializes in helping young adults reach their maximum potential in life through re-training of the mind.

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This page was designed for the young adult who has not realized their potential in the world. For the last 15 years I have dedicated my life to working with youth to help them achieve their aspirations in life. Whether it's getting through passing a driver's exam, identifying a career choice or enrolling in college, Defining Moments Life Coaching will be there to help you or your loved one(s) make those life decisions.
Defining Moments does not provide therapy, but specializes in assisting young adults in obtaining  goals that the they may not have not thought possible.

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Not everyone is the same, but who says that providing the world with the best version of yourself has to be hard. Sometimes all that is needed is to step out of our own way and let the true us emerge. Defining Moments specializes in helping young adults reach and achieve their goals while bring the best version of themselves to the forefront.

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Seeing & nourishing the best version of yourself.

Creating a plan for your future.

Sharing your growth through redefining your purpose.

Implementing the plan

Celebrating the joys  of your hard work

Achieving your goals


“Sadly, the only thing that stops most of us from reaching our dreams is self-inflicted fear. ”

-Kirk Brockenbrough

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